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Крупнейший производитель композитной, стеклопластиковой арматуры в Тюменской области.


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  • Low specific weight (9 times lighter than metal)
  • Reduction in cost to the reinforcement structures by 10-30%
  • Tensile strength of composite rebar is three times higher than the strength of steel reinforcement.
  • Savings in transportation, loading, unloading.
  • Low heat conductivity. (Thermal insulation - теплоизоляция)
  • The lack of shielding in the construction.
  • Ease of use. Rebar is clean, lightweight and not traumatic.
  • Not susceptible to corrosion, Corrosion resistance (коррозионная защита)
  • High specific strength.
  • Wide operating temperature range.
  • Manufacturing rods or hanks certain length.

The «Solex» is the largest company in Tyumen region, which is manufacture high quality composite fiberglass reinforcement. Our company sells and delivers composite rebar not only in Tyumen, but also in Russia.

By means of unique modern technology and innovative solutions our company provides a reliable and heavy-duty composite reinforcement, which is conform all technical requirements. 

Fiberglass reinforcement is a construction material. It is consists of manufactured mineral fiber and multiple components of the thermosetting resin. That’s make fiberglass reinforcement over strength and not susceptible to corrosion. Certainly, composite rebar can be produced of any length.        


Standard sizes: rods: 3,6,12 running meter

hanks: 50,100,150,200 meter

O.D. fiberglass reinforcement can be from 2 to 22 millimeter  


Using fiberglass reinforcement significantly reduces the cost for: construction, reconstruction and repair work on different building projects.




Rub./1 linear meter

Discount % Packaging

 from 5.001 to 10.000 m.


ASP-4  9,2  8,36 bight, 50,100 m
 ASP-6  11,3  10,27 bight, 50,100 m
 ASP-8  17,82  16,15 bight, 50,100 m.
 ASP-10  22,84  21,65 bight,50,100 m.    rods,6,12 m./pcs.
 ASP-12  31,84  29,23 rods, 6,12 m./pcs.
 ASP-14  43,14  40,75  rods, 6,12 m./pcs.
 ASP-16  55,82  52,38 rods, 6,12 m./pcs.



625000, RUSSIA

TEL: +7 982 921 8507